2023 Financial Reality Fair

Students and volunteers alike had a blast getting a Bite of Financial Reality at our 2023 Financial Reality Fair at North Mason High School. Thank you to the Chamber’s Education Committee and Sponsors for helping to coordinate with school staff to put on another successful event. 

At the event, volunteers work booths where they act as sales people for major categories of life expenses: mortgage lenders, car sales, home maintenance & utilities, shopping, household needs, clothing & personal care, child care, and entertainment.). Students log into the Bite of Reality app where they are assigned a profile. With this profile they may have a spouse and kids to support and a job with a set salary and credit score. They then used that salary to budget what they could afford for them and their families. Students went around to each booth where our volunteers had a list of items they could purchase at different price points. For example the car dealer had options ranging from bus ticket passes and family sedans to luxury vehicles and oversized trucks. If students went over their budgets before selecting something at each booth, they would have to go to the Credit Union booth to return the item and try again. 

We look forward to having this event every year and thank all of our volunteers for their time and support!

Local Business Volunteers
Credit Union Sponsors: Our Community Credit Union, Peninsula Credit Union & Kitsap Credit Union
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