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Visit Hoodsport & Lake Cushman

Visit Hoodsport & Lake Cushman, Hoodsport is the gateway to the Staircase area of Olympic national Park. Staircase offers 47 campsites and a variety of hiking trails that navigate along the Hood Canal Events BusSkokomish River.

Skokomish Park at Lake Cushman covers more than 500 acres with three boat launch ramps on the 41,500 feet of shoreline on the county’s largest freshwater lake. Turn at the intersection of Highway 101 and State Route 119 in downtown Hoodsport.

Hoodsport is also renowned among scuba divers as a staging area to view the Giant Pacific Octopus. Hoodsport Winery is located about one mile south of town. Other Hoodsport businesses include a grocery store with gas station, coffee shop, a hardware store, four restaurants, and more.

A hidden gem, Lake Cushman Golf Course is nestled in the Olympic Mountains above Hoodsport, 210 N. Fairway Drive West, Hoodsport.

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Hoodsport and Lake Cushman for adventures from hiking to cliff jumping. Why not contact Hood Canal Events to help you plan the perfect trip?  www.hoodcanalevents.com

For additional information, visit the Hoodsport Visitor Information Center located at North 150 Lake Cushman Road; Hoodsport, WA 98548 or call (360) 877-2021‚Äč

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