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North Mason Beautification Project

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The North Mason Chamber of Commerce has announced a community-wide effort dedicated to the beautification of Belfair and surrounding communities throughout North Mason.  The “North Mason Beautification Project” is part of an overall effort to create a brand, or “sense of place,” through use of a themed logo featured on wayfinding signage, and themed benches, planters and waste receptacles throughout town.

 “I am extremely excited about this project. It’s extremely important from a branding and marketing standpoint. It’s also important for ecotourism and creating a ‘feel’ throughout our town that give us a clear identify,” said Dr. Brian Petersen, Petersen Chiropractic, who has been working on Belfair improvements since 2003.   

To date, Petersen has already worked with local artist Mark Dalton on the design of the logo, and Hanson Sign Co. on the actual signs.  The logo will also be featured on park benches and waste receptacles produced by Ornamental Stone, which will be available for purchase by individual business owners, all contributing to the overall branding of the area.

The North Mason Chamber is now taking the lead, creating a special chamber committee, chaired by Chamber Trustee and Kitsap Bank AVP Kim Haack and Petersen, to raise funds for the signs and move forward with next steps, such as sign development and placement.  “The Chamber is thrilled to move this project forward now as the completion of the majority of the SR 3 widening and sidewalk construction is in sight. It is the perfect time, and we look forward to making our community more welcoming again,” said Haack.

Petersen agrees, “We live in an amazing place and this effort is just one piece of a larger vision to help us become a more attractive destination for visitors from near and far.”

DONATIONS: Please make checks payable to: North Mason Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 416, Belfair, WA 98528

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Questions? Contact Stephanie Rowland, (360) 275-4267, srowland@northmasonchamber.com

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